Artists Statement I've seen Pasadena change over many years, from it's optimisic post-war boosterism to it's ghost malls, antique stores, blind plywood windows - it's been remade everytime - finally into it's familiar 21st century face.
I love to watch the churn of dreams and decay, but ever since my disembodiement i have prowled the streets on my computer looking for spots to paint. the 'backstage' behind Olde Town that i have chosen as my subject is a service/industrial area and the very border between the two is deliciously contradictory.

However much i might want to choose contrary subjects to make some point, the light reveals that the work is turning out to be about: The foothils skylight (which i never hoped to capture) and an abstraction too - a seeing - apart from vision.

i have seen the thunderheads boil up behind our mountains
i have seen the sun, that peculiar shade of southern california afternoon slanting in under a sky that hints that the entire pacific ocean is a days walk away
this light changes whatever it touches, gives it new meaning - a sense of well-being - a promise.

© 2021