Spooky haunted abandoned police station, Gratiot Ave. Detroit

Lindsay took those with a film camera. Cannon F5 - (finally stolen in the Haight)

The little girl lived there. it was HUGE. 5 stories tall, there were about 15 more wheelchairs in that room. There was an indoor shooting gallery in the

attic, a rotting paddy wagon in the shoulder-high dead goldenrod field in back, broken windows, snowdrifts on the floor.

It was a total young adult chapter book - the family lived in one room which they had plastic'd off for heat - it was the bullpen - where the cops used to gather to

drink coffee and stratagize before going on patrol - chalkboards along one wall - the room was in the center of the building naturally - and there were no windows - so from the outside it was just another burnt out hulk, such as Detroit is famous for. 

The little girl liked it she said, except for the screaming people in the basement holding cells - awkward silence -..oh Really?

Police Station