I had been trying to teach Nguyn to scribble like a kid, a  talented, angry kid - or maybe an incredibly pissed-off chain-smoking alcoholic kid - which was quite entertaining - imagine trying to quantify the rules of abstract expressionism,with a touch of cubism, fauvery, surrealism and just a pinch of italian futurism or something doomed and savagely utopian like that. Into this meditation came news of the Occupy movement.

Intriguing,the twenty-first century was ramping up. Right on schedule.

Then, inspired by some really quite fabulous dynamic b/w action shots of Occupy NYC taken by my friend Andrew Baraf, I set out with my collaboratrix: Nguyn-9000\Synthetik - in what has become our method - to abstract some Occupy imagery.  About every 2 days we’d spider another 200 random images to act as seeds for our work. N used the thirty or so new brushes we had made, on a fairly massive scale, with many opportunities to experiment on her own. Every morning there would be another fifty or so for us to review. Sometimes I made suggestions. We threw away at least eighty percent.

As a point of interest - I didn’t follow the media’s story of the Occupy saga at all  - indeed, I didn’t even glance at the seed pictures as they came in  - so my whole experience of the Occupy movement has been viewed through the distorted lens of the work. That leaves me a little naive and factually clueless, but that’s usually been the case anyway so... 

When the boot finally came down on the occupiers in NYC, it was time to stop. I judged that we should slack off monitoring and processing and put together a little online exhibition...   None of these have been in a physical exhibition yet, but I wouldn't rule it out, given interest. The canvases originated at 62 x 47" - quite large, it'd be fun to see them in person some time.

It’s been fascinating to see our “angry sloppy scribbler” in action, although we still disagree about the purposes of abstraction.  N is very literal.  She is after all, a computer.


i did learn a little about Occupy... 

The speaker begins by saying "Mic check". When the people near the speaker respond "Mic check", the speaker knows they have the group's attention. The speaker says a few words of a speech and then pauses. Those that can hear what the speaker has said repeat it in unison, and when finished, the speaker says a few more words, and then pauses for the those who can hear to repeat those words.
See The Collection... Occupy_Online_collection.html